ISO COPOLCO - Czech Consumer Association participation

ISO COPOLCO is a Committe for Consumers Policy in ISO. Consumer organizations connot be members to ISO COPOLCO but the national standardization bodies can. The Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and State Testing (ÚNMZ) is the Czech representative to ISO and ISO COPOLCO.

For several years SČS closely cooperates with ÚNMZ in the topics related to ISO COPOLCO abd SČS coordinates for ÚNMZ consumer cooperation concerning ISO COPOLCO. ÚNMZ pays for the task. SČS several times represented the Czech Republic on plenary sessions of ISO COPOLCO.

SČS is represented in the Working Group ISO COPOLCO on Consumer Participation in Standardization.

SČS is contracted by ÚNMZ to ensure national work for ISO TC 243 Product Safety.

SČS has been exploring information on ISO COPOLCO on special web sites. However the sites are in Czech, some documents circulated there are in English - see.

Here you can see a paper developed for ISO COPOLCO (2012). It is a review of the participation of the Czech consumers in standardiaztion techniques - see.